"100 FACES"
Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria


Mike McCusker - Vocals and Guitar Andrew Willison - Bass
Paul Montague - Drums


Tony Lynch Mark Toole Paul Montague

Mike McCusker

Mark Toole Andrew Willison Mike McCusker


Tony Lynch


"All the above photos and gig ticket are from Tuesday 27th November 1979 and took place at the Barrow Civic Hall, Barrow-in-Furness"
Had a good walk down memory lane this morning digging out the attached photos.  The gig was at Barrow Civic Hall in November 1979, and I found a ticket.  It was a pretty big audience, probably 500 and there was a sizable Mod contingent at the gig and regrettably, a fight with bikers afterwards.

The line up of 100 Faces was:
Mike McCusker - Vocals and Guitar
Paul Montague - Drums
Andrew Willison - Bass

Also on stage were Mark Toole - who played Bass for one song.  He was going to boycott the gig as he was appalled at the switch from being a punk band - and, for a few songs attempting a Chas Smash was Tony Lynch (wearing shades).

Ironically, the poster for the gig asked people to support local talent.  We at the time had little.  It must have been pretty awful (one local fanzine described the performance as hilarious). We had been less than competent as a punk band.  Now we were attempting classics from Eddie Floyd and Booker T (without an organ?) with the skill and dexterity as gang of monkeys on speed.

Put it this way, I was sacked after the gig and only allowed to rejoin on condition that we abandoned anything close to Mod. 
So we went back to being called "Sits Vacant" and record a couple of tracks that we wrote before coming "100 Faces" and released a 7" single in 1980 under "Sits Vacant". At the time it got the obligatory play on the John Peel show!
I have photos from our later new wave phase where you can see they made me tuck the collar of my Ben Sherman inside my shirt for press photos.

Not sure this is in anyway historic and you can add or not add it to your site.  I won't be offended!
Mike McCusker
January 2008


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