The above unique photos of "Gaye Advert" & "Rosalind Russell" were given to us by Ros and she goes on and explains the story behind the......

As far as I recall, I had given the Adverts a bit of a stinker of a review in Record Mirror for their new single "No Time To Be 21". I seem to recall getting a phone call from Gaye, threatening to come round and sort me out. My Editor (Alf Martin) thought it would be fun to get hold of a pair of boxing gloves and get a photographer to come in to set up a picture. In the event, she was absolutely charming and resisted the chance to pop me one on the chin.

I might say I am not that brave - Debbie Harry also came into the office looking for me, after a blistering review of one of her records, and I legged it. I think she would have come off best, she was quite a tough girl. I don't think pop stars do that sort of thing anymore...

all best



Above is an original 'Walt Davidson' photo of Gaye Advert from early 1977, most probably taken  in the 'Roxy Club', she's wearing one of the original Seditionaires "Naked Boy" T-shirts.


Above is an original 20" x 30" Black & White Promo Poster for the single
 "Gary Gilmore's Eyes".

Above is an original 20" x 30" Black & White Promo Poster for the single
"Safety In Numbers".
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Above is an original 50cm X 75cm gig poster for the "Guildhall', Newcastle on Monday 6th June 1977.

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An original 21cm X 14.5cm flyer promoting 'New Wave' gigs at The Sundown 'Londons Premier New Wave Venue' in August 1977. The Sundown is now The Astoria 2.


An original 22cm X 17.5cm flyer  for The Vortex on 25th July 1977 with The Adverts, Johnny Moped, The Rezillos and Neo. Probably The Rezillos first London gig.

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The above Gig date is for Tuesday 16th August 1977 at the 'Vortex', London, W1. for 'The Adverts', 'Steel Pulse', 'Masterswitch' & 'The Outsiders'.


Above is an original 10cm x 35cm gig flyer from the legendary 'Electric Circus', Manchester from August 1977
The above is the original gig flyer for 'The Adverts', 'Joe Cool & The Killers' & 'Wrist Action' at the 'Hastings Pier Pavilion' on Saturday 22nd October 1977.


Above is an original 17" x 23" Gig poster from "Clouds", Edinburgh for Friday 28th October 1977.


Original 100x75cm Silk Screened UK Punk Concert Poster From Thursday 17th November 1977 for The Roundhouse, London.


Above is an original A5 Gig Flyer From Thursday 17th November 1977 for The Roundhouse, London.



An original "Gary Gilmore's" badge from 1977      

   An original "Television's Over" badge from 1978  


Above are three original 2½ Tin Badges from the late 70s.


Above is an original 3½"  Tin badge that was sold at gigs at the Lodestar in 1977 / 1978 where the band played.


Above is an original Tin badge from the Spring Tour of 1978 when they were promoting the "Crossing The Red Sea" album.
This was bought from when they played at the "Top Rank" in Cardiff on Friday 26th May 1978.


The above A5 Gig Flyer is from 1978.


Above is an original 75cm x 100cm silk screened gig poster for Sunday 12th February 1978 From The Legendary Punk Sunday Evening Concerts At The Roundhouse, London.

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Above is an original gig ticket for the "Brunel University" from Friday 20th October 1978.


The above gig date for 'The Adverts' at the "Limit Club", Sheffield is for Friday 8th December 1978


Above is an original A5 gig flyer for the "Electric Ballroom" from Friday 5th October 1979 for 'The Adverts', 'Cowboys International' & 'The Cuddly Toys'



Music Press Cuttings Live At Grenadiers Pin-Ups Gig Memorabilia
Music Press Cuttings   Live at Grenadiers Pin-Ups Gig Memorabilia




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