???? - Vocals ???? - Guitar
???? - Bass ???? - Drums


 They came, they saw, they played the audition night at the Roxy Club on the 28th December, 1977 and even the bootlegger who was taping the nights events buggered off after two and a half songs, the tape finishing with the comments "lets get some food".....

I guess they never passed the audition as they failed to appear again.



Blow Job Rita

We Want An Agent

Living Here Today


Live, they were a very confident rock influenced act, maybe riding the punk wave in disguise, does anybody know who they were?

They are not the 80s Canadian punks who released the "Fuck Off" single or the Benzene Jag (spelt slightly different) who was on the "Best Of British" CD that was scheduled for release on the "Vendetta" label way back in 1980 but only saw the light of day on the Japanese "1977" label in 2006.


On some of the Roxy listings, they were advertised as "Benzine Fag"!


 So, why such a popular name.......

Inhalation of Benzine (or Benzene/Benzol) fumes gives you the "Naptha Jag", a kind of jerky dance your body does as your nervous system disintegrates. However "Benzol Jag" is a term workers use to describe symptoms of confusion, euphoria and unsteady gait associated with acute benzene exposure. On the other hand, whilst living in New York, Aleister Crowley held a notorious party called "the Benzine Jag".


Deviant Inhalers, occultists or petrol pump workers..........who knows?

If you do, get in touch.

June 2007








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