Holylake, Liverpool


Live at Liverpool University in September 1977


Roy White - Vocals Johnny 'Riff' Reynolds - Guitar
Jim Mealy - Bass Gerry Garland - Saxophone
Roy Banks - Drums
I must confess that I know absolutely nothing about this band and the only reference that I can find appeared on the
 "Welcome to" web site.

Here is what they said:

Berlin - band (1977-78), feat; Roy White (voc) (later Fun, Victims of Romance, White & Torch, Roy White Band), Johnny 'Riff' Reynolds (gtr) (later Fun, 3D), Jim Mealy (bass) (later Fun, Victims of Romance, White & Torch, Roy White Band, Bamboo Fringe), Gerry Garland (sax) (later Fun, Victims of Romance, Bamboo Fringe), Roy Banks (drms) who left to get married.


Above is an original gig flyer from "Erics", Liverpool from November / December 1979.


In and around the Liverpool scene for many years in the late 70s and early eighties, Roy White and Steve Torch recorded a series of singles for the Chrysalis label with little success. Despite heaps of critical acclaim only the single 'Parade' managed any impression on the charts making number 54 in October 1982. Sometimes likened to Dexys their music was a kind of dramatic, 'wall of sound' balladry. More Walker Brothers than Dexys with a bit of a Bowie influence thrown in for good measure.

White & Torch originally appeared as members of one of the many versions of semi-famous scousers Pink Military.  Torch went on to work with another Liverpool combo, Bamboo Fringe and also the better known Victims Of Romance while White formed his own Roy White Band. Both earned a crust as session musicians and writers. A 'Steve Torch' appears as a co-writer on the massive Cher hit 'Believe'.



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