"Bored Teenagers"

volume 4

Launch Party @ the 'Boston Arms', Junction Road, London, N19 5QQ
10th September 2006


This event had been carefully planned the six months leading up to this historical night. The planning stage was a nightmare due to the fact that all the band members were scattered not just though out the UK but in some cases the world! Anyway, the 10th September was finally agreed upon!

The day finally arrived, the venue was booked, PA booked, all the bands were still up for it what else could go wrong?

We set off from Midhurst at 3o'clock and travelled up to North London. The sound checks were supposed to start at 5o'clock. On arriving at the venue, the venue manager had forgotten about our booking but as it was a Sunday nothing else had been booked. Then the manager informs us that the power had been off since three but assures us it would be back on for five.

Well 5o'clock came and went. 6o'clock came and went. By this time I had started getting a little bit nervous. Then 7o'clock came and it wasn't looking good. My wife Tania and step daughter decided to go in search of the hole that was being dug! They had a cheeky word with the three tea drinking  workman who assures her it will be back on in about ten minutes.

The good news was spread around the hall and hey presto the power came back on... This gig came so close to being pulled. A little behind schedule but we were going ahead with the show.

Below are some of the photos from the night.


The Steroid Kiddies



The Plague







The Machines



The Ordinarys






Detour Records would like to thank The Steroid Kiddies, The Plague, The Machines & The Ordinarys for a tremendous and unforgettable evening.

We would also like to thank everyone that came along and we hope that you enjoyed the evening as much as we did.....Roll on volume 5


Thanks to Alex Ogg & James Petter for the above photos.


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