East Coast Angels


Punk Rockin' / To-Nite's The Nite

Catalogue Number - RUB 207

Label - Ruby Records

Year Of Release - 1977

Quantity Pressed - ????

(Only a handful of copies have surfaced over the years)


Jimmy Gaynor - Vocals & Lead Guitar Ben Hannigan - Rhythm Guitar
Dave Flanagan - Bass
Henry Tolan  Drums


We formed about late 75/early 76 and played all the shit holes around Ireland and some good venues too. The only places that any band could play Rock 'n' Roll or anything other than Showband / Danceband music, was in bars, around Dublin mainly. The punk scene was coming to good old catholic Ireland from UK and although welcomed, the scene never flourished to the same extent as in the UK. Really the band was always a Rock band and we lived a far more decadent life than any of the others around.

In the North of Ireland it seems to have been a bit more like the UK and indeed the only bands to have made it around that period were the likes of the Undertones from Belfast.

The single "Punk Rockin" was more a song about a guitar player in a rock band changing his allegiance to punk music, cos he wanted to be part of that new generation.

Anyway that's some of the story!!!!!!!



Dave Flanagan
27th January 2008





Thanks to Mike Teo for the above scans.



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