The Fauves
Rochester, Kent


Will - Vocals Seb - Guitar
Ged - Bass Giant - Drums

After spending the summer of 1977 worshiping at the church of Rotten this bunch of 14 year old boarding school boys formed The Fauves. The what? you may well ask. Actually it translates in French for "The Wild Beasts", that's seventies education for you!!!

They played and rehearsed in the school's gymnasium basement, rechristened "The Hole" for their captured audience.

Songs included "Sewn Up-Shown Up" and "School Days".

It all came to an end when the band sneaked out of school, after being denied permission for leave, and went off to see The Clash on the "Out Of Control" tour in November,77.

Upon their return they were given the punishment of rolling the cricket pitch!

Punk Rock !!


February 2008





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