Gerry Lyons - Vocals Tony Gialanze - Guitar
 Jim Rutter - Bass Paul O'Connell - Drums



Soldiers / Angels Of Mercy

Catalogue Number - EJSP 9655

Label - Ellie Jay Records

Year Of Release - 1981

Quantity Pressed - 500


Fenzyx was an early 1980s North London based band formed largely of ex-Demon Preacher personnel. The band's original members were; Tony Gialanze (guitar), Jim Rutter (bass) Gerry Lyons (vocals) and Gerry Healey (drums). Paul O'Connell later replaced Healey on drums. In 1980 Fenzyx recorded the double A sided "Soldiers" c/w "Angels of Mercy" at IPS Studios in Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush for the independent Ellie Jay label. The single saw a release in 1981 with only 500 copies pressed. Nick Wade (now Nick Fiend of Alien Sex Fiend) produced, with the sleeve artwork by Ray Zell, a member of glam rock band Marionette. 

At the Penn Road Festival in 1979, where the band were playing on the back of a parked flatbed lorry, Jim lost his bass stack during the encore. This was caused by a child trying to climb up onto the lorry using the mains lead as a climbing rope! None of the rest of the band noticed that Jim had stopped playing. Thankfully no damage was done, except to Jim's ego!

Gerry Lyons
March 2017



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