The Form




Gary Mole (aka Daktari Swets) - Vocals Pete Watt - Vocals & Guitar
Nick Calloway - Guitar Andy Hill - Bass
Graham Smith (aka Big G) - Drums

Recorded at RMS Studios in Selhurst 8 October 1979, and engineered by a long-haired, Lennon-bespectacled guy called Andy, who played clarinet in Basil's Ballsup Band, and who I believe was responsible for ejecting The Damned from the premises after they'd been setting off fire extinguishers and such when they were supposed to have been rehearsing.

We sorted out a sleeve design from Gary Mole (lead vocalist aka Daktari Swets) who had a mate from Mortlake Brewery (the same one as Paul Cook worked at: Gary was mates with Cook) called Steve Lee who could put some art work together, which was in November 1979.

However, despite extensive rehearsing ourselves, we didn't play a live gig until 30 April 1980, and it wasn't until July that I'd got the requisite £280 together to pay for the demo to be pressed as a single. We ordered 500 copies, but the run overshot, so we ended up with 547. That meant that there was a shortfall in the number of sleeves we'd ordered!

I took delivery of the singles in September 1980, from which point we started to sell them to friends and acolytes at gigs. There never was a distribution deal. Trading on a long acquaintanceship with John Peel, Gary and I ventured up to Broadcasting House to waylay my favourite DJ, reasoning that presentation of our work as a vinyl 45 rather than a cassette could be more fruitful. That was November 1980, and eventually he played it on his Radio 1 show 8 January 1981. I was lucky, I heard it. Ten days later, and we started disintegrating, and were finished by the end of February: timing is everything!

Pete Watt



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