From Salford, Manchester

"Fublic Dick" formed in 1978
when ‘Philthy’, ‘Nighty’, ‘JJ Buckley’, ‘Camby’ and a few others began waggin’ school. They all ended up around at Philthys house and spent the whole day listening to the ‘John Peel’ show that Nighty had taped the night before.

It wasn’t long before the wagers decided to form their own band! Nighty bought a guitar and Philthy nicked a drum kit from a nearby school hall, and JJB got a bass from his dads mate, and Camby sang.

They began doing their own songs and recording them on to cassette tapes, they soon began playing local youth clubs and pubs, but always refused to go in to a studio, because they believed punk should be live and raw.

Camby and JJB left in the early 80s and Nighty took over vocals and Joe Two Stroke came in on guitar. Over the years they would get together and do a few cassette tapes, but still refused to go in to the studio.

"Joe Two Stroke"
Salford  1980

Fublic Dick are now in the process of having all their old tapes copied to mp3 and on to CD, and if anybody out there is mental enough to want to own their own Fublic Dick CD….. they are FREE of charge all you need to do is pay the postage, just email.



Fublic Dick





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