Cremation At Belson / Stiff Thing

Nothing To Do / Fast Cars

Catalogue Number - GR

Label - Urinating Vicar Records

Year Of Release - 1979

Quantity Pressed - 100

Below is a scan of the very rare insert that most copies came with. For reason's unknown, most copies that turn up nowadays are without this insert.



The above scan is the actually test pressing belonging to "Tone Deaf" of the band.
(One of only four copies in existence)


"The Grout" started off life as "VD Scab & the Anoraks" in 1976, changing their name to "The Grout" in 1977. A roughly recorded piece of filth called "Obsession" gave inspiration for more members to join, real instruments (loosely speaking) to be obtained and so a small ensemble, inspired by what "John Peel" was playing at the time and the first "Live at the Roxy" album produced more rough recordings - although they had no vocalist at this stage.

Boosted by the fact that the guitarist now had a full set pf strings and the drummer actually had a Hi-Hat, the guys played their first gig at a girls' house party (the gig that is seen on the EP sleeve). Band rehearsals took place in a large hen shed on a nearby farm, but was later demolished so the band had to move to the loft on the other side of the farm.

A few concerts were held, these were fraught with electric shocks, broken floor-boards (due o pogoing) and bumping heads on the low beams. One time the band members had to go out into the street and encourage people in to see the band.

Soon, a struggling guitarist turned up, he was welcomed into the band as he had a nice guitar and actually knew a few chords!

The band went into "Cargo Studios" in Rochdale in March 1978 to record six tracks, but were not happy with the final product. So they returned in December 1978 to record the single which consisted of four tracks. "Cremation at Belson" & "Fast Cars" can be heard on "Bored Teenagers" volume 1 compilation album.

Four test pressings were given to the band (one of which is shown below), they were awful quality, but the band were told that the final copies would be better. So the band accepted the test pressings and went ahead and ordered 100 finished copies. At this stage in their musical career, they were young and naive and didn't question this. We'll, the finished copies arrived and were just as bad as the test pressing copies - built in crackle and no treble!!! They sold the EP complete with it's photocopied hand made sleeves at a loss, but sold them all. Most of them were sold through the three local record shops, family & friends (and the odd fan). Dizzy who runs this web site actually bought his own copy off one of the teachers who used to teach the band from the local school. At the time he was encouraged into supporting a local band (or was he bribed?) Either way, he made a shrewd investment time he sold it!!!

After the death of "The Grout" in 1981, and after an ugly incident involving a 12 inch Vox combo amplifier, the band all went their separate ways. 'Paul Paint', the guitarist went on to play with the Valiants, a Mod / Power-pop / Ska outfit who recorded an whole album worth of material with "100K Records", but the drummer nicked three microphones from the studio, so the disc was never pressed...Anarchy!!!! The singer went onto London and made demos with bands such as 'Big Ear Metropolis' & 'Rhythm Method'.

All five members still live in the same town, four of them still regularly meet up for a pint or two.

"Ian Stamatic looking cool"


"Ian Statmatic giving it large"




Ian Stamatic - Lead Vocals Steve Sinister - Bass
Paul Paint - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals Chris Mass - Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals
Tone Deaf - Drums / Percussion





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