Original photographs of ‘Hospital Treatment’ from Bexhill Downs which is basically a small town between Eastbourne and Hastings that featured a very young ‘Smeggy’. The picture was taken when the band were still at High School in about 1977. After this band folded, Smeggy’s next band was ‘Smeggy & the Cheesybits'. This band were quite active in the Sussex gig scene playing along side ‘Clockwork Criminals’, ‘the Piranhas’, ‘Peter & the Test Tube Babies’ etc. Smeggy then went on to form the great ‘King Kurt’ and the guitarist and drummer formed Clockwork Criminals.

Smeggy - Vocals


Brian Spiers - Bass

Lee Benton - Guitar


Dave Barden - Drums

Hospital Treatment were a school band that never played any gigs but a few great rehearsals in front of friends at 'Sidley Community Centre' opposite where Smeggy lived. Despite not being friends Smeggy and I formed the band... We had a collection of crude one chord songs, 'Do your own', 'Pissed', 'I need treatment', 'Lick you out' (which went on to become a 'Smeggy and the Cheesybits' song). On Drums was a guy called 'Dave Barden', Bass was 'Brian Spiers' who went on to become drummer of the 'Clockwork Criminals', 'Me' on Guitar and 'Smeggy' on Vocals.  Before moving to Brighton we were due to play support to 'Plastix' (the band on Farwell to the Roxy). The gig never happened so I never got to perform a proper gig with Smeg, who of course went on to be in the great 'King Kurt. We all lost contact when Smeg moved to London to form King Kurt.


Lee Benton





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