Telford, Shropshire


Johnny (aka Scully) - Vocals Dave - Guitar
Jay & Fletch - Backing Vocals Sarah - Bass
  Scotty & Dave - Drums





V/A - Shoot The Hostages (Freedom One) LP

Catalogue Number -

Label - 9 Danke Records

Year Of Release - 1981

Quantity Pressed - 1000??


Side One

A1-Limited Talent -Love & Romance

A2-Limited Talent -C.B. Radio

A3-Limited Talent -Flowers In The Garden

A4—Stomak Pumpz -Snail

A5—Stomak Pumpz -Traffic Lights

A6-Wa-ker -In Out, In Out

A7-Wa-ker -Spider Song


 Side Two

B1-–The Bored - Seprate Laws

B2-–The Bored - My Mate Jack

B3-Johnny Pisstake & The Urinals -Schizoid

B4-No Excuse - Intelligent People

B5-No Excuse - Conflict

B6-–The Orinj + Yella Kurtain Raylz  - I Wish I Had As Much Dole Money As The Queen

B7-The Orinj + Yella Kurtain Raylz  - We Are The Mysterons

B8-The Orinj + Yella Kurtain Raylz  - Man From The Garrage



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