The Lepers

Colchester, Essex



Robbie Grey ( (aka Jack Midnight) - Vocals Gary McDowell (aka  Justin Sane) - Guitar & Vocals
Wigs (aka Doctor Stern) - Bass Civvy - Drums

The Lepers lasted for about 7 months. We had a bass guitarist called Wigs but he was coming from a sort of funky background and called himself Doctor Stern and Gary called himself Justin Sane and Robbie was Jack Midnight and Civvy the drummer was Civvy, and that was the first line up. After that Wigs and Civvy went about the same time then we had a wild Colchester hippy whose name I think was something Carmichael. He was an odd ball hippy guitarist who went into too many guitar solos so he didn't last too long. Mick Conroy then became a member of The Lepers, as did Richard Brown. They were called Modern English before I became the keyboard player of the band.

Steve Walker




The above picture features at least of of the Lepers on the far right with other Chelmsford Punks.


Thanks to Richard Anvil


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