Negative Earth


"Negative Earth"
Mark Chapman - Vocals Julian Gustell - Lead Guitar
Paul Griffiths - Bass Dave Eldergill - Guitar
Nick Roberts - Drums


The above article appeared in the Weston-Super-Mare's "Mercury" sometime in 1979.


In 1980, 'Negative Earth' changed their name to the "Noiz Boiz" and went onto release a single on the Bristol "Caveman" label. Sadly, two of the members have since died!



"Zambesian Light Bulbs"
 Laurence Collins - Guitar Rupert Graves - Vocals & Guitar
Michael Gustell - Bass Nigel Rose - Drums


In the Zambesian Light Bulbs was Rupert Graves who went onto to be a famous actor.



"Children Of Toil"
 Mark Tuck - Vocals Steve Jones - Guitar
Nick Harris - Bass Keith Townsend - Drums
Elaine Gibson - Backing Vocals Jill Middle - Backing Vocals



"Faded Vision"
 Christian Riou - Vocals Colin Hill - Guitar
Paul Trego - Bass Andrew Caron - Drums
Russell Bateman - Keyboards Susan Barret - Backing Vocals


My band Faded Vision although starting out as a punk band when we were 13/14 in '78, at this point I was into the Gang of Four, the Raincoats & the Rough Trade scene in '79, hence the keyboardist & cold war lyrics!

 I went onto to form and front the band Claytown Troupe with Abbo from UKDK as a manger.  &



"Red Alert"
 Paul Tyler - Vocals Mark Ely - Guitar
Gary Giles - Bass Pete Row - Drums


Red Alert were a proper post '77 punk band, red hair one side black the other side! Supported the Exploited in Bradford in 1980, a gig that was promoted by Aki who went onto Southern Death Cult & Asian Foundation etc...



Thanks to Christian Riou for all the above info and News Paper article..



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