Dave Bent - Vocals Modest Young - Guitar
Steve Shy - Bass Kevin Snap - Drums

A very early Punk band formed in Manchester in early 1977 that featured some the main movers and shakers of the Manchester scene....

Dave Bent was actually Dave Bentley who formed "Bent" Records and was also the "The Drones" manager. Steve Shy ran the Manchester based Punk fanzine "Shy Talk", Kevin Snap is rumoured to be Kevin Cummins and lastly Modest Young is rumoured to be future journalist Paul Morley.


The above article appeared in Manchester "Ghast Up" #3 fanzine from 1977.


The above article appeared in Manchester "Girl Trouble" #2 fanzine from 1977 which was Paul Morley's own fanzine.


The above snippet mentions that the band did actually release an EP called "Bringing Fiction Back Into Music" on their own label.

Can anyone verify this?


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