The Pedestrians
Richmond / Kingston, London


Mark #1
David Cuff - Guitar & Backing Vocals Anna Goodman - Vocals
Nick Valentine - Bass  Toby Sladek - Drums


Mark #2
David Cuff - Guitar & Vocals Nick Valentine - Bass
Jon Mortimer - Drums


David Cuff Toby Sladek Anna Goodman Nick Valentine


 The Pedestrians (Mk 1) with Anna Goodman (Vocals) and Toby Sladek (Drums) playing a gig. Sadly, Anna called it a day after Toby’s death; Nick and I decided to carry on.


David Cuff Nick Valentine Jon Mortimer


Formed in 1979 by Wardens guitarist 'David Cuff'. David literally became a Pedestrian after 'Barry Batman', singer of the Wardens had borrowed 'David Cuff's' car and had left it parked on a double yellow and saw it impounded. The cost of getting the vehicle back was more than Cuff had paid to buy it and Batman would not cough up so Cuff stormed off in a huff.

Played locally with bands like Cardiac Arrest (aka The Cardiacs), The Magnificent 7, 58 Escape, Null'n'Void, The Outsiders (who became The Sound) and of course the Wardens.

Very sadly original drummer Toby Sladek passed away (at an Only Ones gig) to be followed by another tragic loss of replacement drummer Jon Mortimer (son of famous jazz musician John Mortimer - who played with Acker Bilk & Kenny Ball). Peter Cuff stepped in to play drums at their final gig in the Rock Garden.

David Cuff went on to play with Crazy About Love, The Happy Few and The Crabs (Not the 'Roxy' Band).


Nick Valentine Jon Mortimer David Cuff


The Crabs featured David Cuff, Phil Emby, Karen King, Jeanette Purcell & Sarah Smith. They did one session for John Peel on 21/04/82 which was transmitted on 03/05/82. Tracks that were recorded were 'Please Ask Me Out', ' Love's Not That Great Really', ' Stalemate', ' Rap Rap' & 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.


The above Gig advert for the "Greyhound", London appeared in the 'NME" on 27th October 1979.


The above Gig advert for the "Greyhound", London appeared in 'Melody Maker" on 10th November 1979.



Thanks to David Cuff



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