Plastic Sandwiches

East Dereham, Norfolk



Side a: Bayonets and colours (starts with the theme tune of “THE FLASHING BLADE”)

Side b: Parties at war

UK 1981

Obscure band from the Norwich area.
Released on the highly collectable "Ellie Jay" label.

The Plastic Sandwiches came from East Dereham, They played at a number of venues in and around Norwich and Dereham, Most notable gigs were at The Gala, The Prince of Denmark (with Bang Goes My Stereo) and The Jacquard (with Serious Drinking and The Screaming Trees).

With a change of line up in 1982 they continued to gig in East Anglia. During this time they played and won 1982 Battle of the Bands at the Memorial hall in East Dereham and also went on to record an unfulfilled demo at Whitehouse Studios, Norwich.  

The cover was done by Mark Kingston from the The Farmers Boys,
The lead singer had a bizarre marketing strategy of changing there name for gigs. So they were also known as 'The Joys', 'The Total Erect'. 'The Spike',


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