The Porno Cassettes


Stan - Vocals Jacko - Guitar & Vocals
The Dean - Lead Guitar Niggs - Bass
Paul - Drums




Your Face, A Fucking Disgrace / Dead End Yobs

Catalogue Number - Doc 1

Label - Heresy Records

Year Of Release - 1982

Quantity Pressed - 100 (Confirmed)


Yet another mystery UK Punk Rock band.

Both sides of the single are real crackers and are played superbly that leads us to think that they may be another band in disguise.

After many many years of searching for this elusive band we are pleased to announce that we have finally had a lead after several red herons and false leads. We can now confirm that we have found and met up with the label owner of 'Heresy Records'. He told us that all the band members were all in different bands at the time but their love for Punk and the flourishing Oi! scene deciding to do a side project.... The Porno Cassettes were born...

The label owner got the band into a recording studio on the back of a advertising job that he was involved with and three tracks were recorded, two of which ended up on the single.

100 copies were pressed up by 'MPO' records in France and were only meant as promotional use to try and get the band gigs. Sadly, the band only got to play one gig which was at the 'Railway' in West Hampstead. The audience that night was very sparse and only friends of the band turned up and when they asked the pub owner for their money at the end of the night, in unfriendly terms were told to 'FUCK OFF' followed by the words..."You should be paying me!"

After this disappointing event, the label owner flew to America for his job and dropped off 5 copies to Bleecker Bobs in New York on sale or return. They sold all 5 copies quickly and were given $1.00 a piece for them but refused to stock more copies.

By this time the Punk / Oi! scene was waning and the band called it a day. When the label owner moved away from London a few years later he found a box of about 40 copies but were thrown away / skipped as the scene had gone.

So on this evidence, this leaves approximately 60 copies in existence!

Can anyone help with further information?


  Thanks to Brian Devereux & Martin T.




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