The Power Game

Shepherds Bush, London



Rod - Guitar Pete Watt - Guitar
Andy Hill - Bass Graham Smith (aka Big G) - Drums


I joined up with this band in 1978 when they were called 'The Power Game' based in Shepherds Bush. We were a 4 piece then with Pete Watts writing most if not all the songs on guitar and Graham Smith (Big G) on drums. By the end of 1978 Rod the other guitarist left so we replaced him with Daktari Swets and Nick Calloway who both immediately transformed our sound and style. That's also when we became The Form. From that point on we became prolific song writers with just about everybody bringing new material every week. We also took on a manager and PR man who moved us from the Bush to a studio in Acton. We were getting a fair amount of attention from the music press leading to bigger crowds and better venues. It all culminated in 'Watch Out' receiving national

Andy Hill




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