Motor City Fantasy / Cocaine

Catalogue Number - FAD 1

Label - Kitsch Records

Year Of Release - 1977


RICKY WRECKAGE - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar RICKY VON WAU WAU - Vocals & Bass Guitar
S.G. COOLBRIDGE - Vocals & Lead Guitar DREAD 'FAMILY MAN' JONES - Drums


I must confess that I don't know too much about this band apart from they were from the Isle Of Wight and they used to gig a lot around the Island with 'Henry Essence'.

They gigged around London a lot in the early days of Punk and played all the regular haunts but never really made an impact!

Allegedly they were behind the Punked up version 'White Christmas' that was released on the 'Ember' label in 1978 by the anonymous band 'Slush'. They also appeared on local T.V. promoting this Christmas song but sadly it bombed!!!


Above is an original A5 flyer for the 'White Hart' from 1978.


Above is the original Press Release showing what was being released that week on 11/04/80





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