Punk Oddities

The Rarity?, The Strange?, The Ridiculous?


Above is a US copy of The Jam's Strange Town that has been mis-pressed.



Sex Pistols "God save the Queen" 1977 UK 7" vinyl single Virgin VS 181. Unprinted plain blue cover / unlabeled record.
The story behind this one: On the back of the publicity of A&M dumping the Pistols, Virgin were rush releasing GSTQ, and prior to release Virgin reps had a few of these to hand out to supportive stores for in-store play. These were only for promotional use and Not For Sale!



Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen /Did you no wrong 7" - Gallo PD1471 - Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).


Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen /Did you no wrong 7" 
Nigerian pressing on Island label 45 rpm
Cat number PTN 9864/1015 1f on a side and 1015 2f on b side made in Nigeria

(Is the above GENUINE or FAKE?)



SEX PISTOLS - God Save The Queen  7" ONE-SIDE ACETATE from South Africa



The Vibrators - Pure Mania
Above is an original US 8-Track Stereo Tape Cartridge from 1977.


Above is an original Canadian 8-track cartridge on the 'Charm Originals" label with a catalogue number of CC-2062. How Bizarre is this?



The majority of these images have been taken off ebay, My own collection or other collectors from the world!



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