Red Rage



Christopher McCullough (aka Noggin) - Vocals & Guitar Dave Pelling - Bass
James Edmunds - Drums


 Red Rage (who rose from the ashes of Private Vices) were from Fulham and signed to Flicknife Records for a very short time they existed and we released ‘Total Control’ as a single.  

After the break-up of 'Red Rage', Noggin went on to play with 'Marsha Hunt', James the drummer was the brother of Lu Edmond who played with the Damned. It did well and the band almost signed to Carrere Records who had at that time the heavy rock band Saxon on their books and also had licensed our first single by The Mystere 5’s for France . The Mystere 5’s were The Electric Chairs (without Wayne) plus me and we did 2 singles. The first one ‘No Message’ was single of the week in Sounds and the NME on the same week and went on to be No.: 3 in France.





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