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Would You Listen Girl / One After 909 / You Said You Knew

Catalogue Number - EO 101

Label - Eddi Osmo Records

Year Of Release - 1981

Quantity Pressed - 1000

Below is the Insert / Mini Poster that came with the record.


A few memories from the band...



I can’t remember when or where the idea to form The Retreads came from.

Myself and Steve were school friends who had played together in a succession of bands from the age of 14 (Steve Martyn‘s Equator, Morrocan Roll, Cougar Groove), Wilby was with the "Q-men", Terry was introduced to us by the legendary Stuart Loakes and Kevin was a friend of Wilby‘s.

What is fact, was our mutual love of The Beatles. One night the five of us got together in a disused chapel in Wilby near Wellingborough and stood around the Beatles song book. The mission was to start at page one and attempt each song, if we couldn‘t get it right by the bottom of the page then we would "move on to the next" by the end of the first night 30 songs were in the bag (we weren't messing about, this was Rock'n'Roll!). About two months later we were gigging. Who was brave enough to put us on first I also can't remember but it was obviously pretty positive as we had soon kitted ourselves out with Beatles shirts, Winklepicker shoes and Rickenbacker guitar and proceeded to resurrect the sound of the sixties for Northamptonshire.

There were so many gigs in such a short space of time that it‘s now all a bit of a blur. The highlights were always The Romany and the Blisworth Hotel in Northampton and of course the big one at the legendary Rainbow. Blisworth was always amazingly hot (see review) and the Hotel would be surrounded by scooters, it was like stepping back in time indoors. Big numbers of the night when everyone went crazy were "My Generation" and "Stepping Stone". At the Rainbow my main memory was the huge audience (the number increases in my memory by a thousand every year. I‘m up to 33,500 now!) and coming on stage without a soundcheck.

The stage was enormous bigger than most gigs, Bob was so far behind on his drum riser that I could hardly see him let alone hear the count-ins!

After the first "Hallo London" I was nearly deaf from the volume of the foldback, awesome....then two quick circuits of the stage to show them that we meant business and then back to the microphone to sing, utterly breathless, after covering about two hundred metres!

I also still have nightmares about Steve‘s Rickenbacker with a its strange amount of frets causing some interesting key changes! Bobs automatically revolving Tom-Tom‘s on his Autotune drum set. Always having too wait for Terry's hair to dry before we could set out for a gig  and Wilby‘s continually lengthening "Wide mouthed frog" joke....ah happy days, I wouldn‘t have missed them for the world!


If my memory is correct, we played the Band Club in Rushden and they had to turn away several Coach loads of fans and I am sure that when we played our last night at the Windmill Club in Rushden we pulled in around 700.

The Blisworth Gigs were always good, the Rainbow was obviously special, but one gig that stands out for me was at the Romany in Northampton, we were back stage waiting to come on and all you could here was stamping, clapping and cheering, Retreads, Retreads, Retreads! and when we took to the stage it was packed to the rafters, after woods we were selling copies of our single to ordinary fans and The Retreads Scooter Club, it was an amazing night.


The Scooter/ Mod club that used to meet at the Romany in Northampton named the club after the band. I remember driving around town and seeing guys on scooters with ‘Retreads’ on the back of there Parkas. This was the reason that we made the sew on badges.


One night (I think Raunds or one of the East Northants clubs) the crowd was whipped to a frenzy. We were on a floor level stage and after encores some bloke ran across the stage (pissed). He tripped over Steve's guitar lead and pulled his black stereo Rickenbacker off the stand and the guitar crashed to the floor with the neck breaking clean in half !! Steve was mortified as we all were. Ron and Adrian pasted the poor kid !! Anyway Steve had it repaired and we all marvelled at the miraculous work the Luthier had done. We couldn't see the join at all. We didn't realise until much later that all he did was order a new neck as a spare part !!!

We played at the Morris Man one night in Northampton. I went outside for a quick fag and saw some bloke walk out with a guitar. I thought he'd just played along with us. Then I realised it was my bloody guitar. He was a big bloke as well so I said "excuse me that's my guitar". He replied "it's f**king not" and squared up to me. So I stared at him and then quickly snatched it back and ran inside. I was shocked. Ron and Adi went after him !!!!



'Goff', the Retreads manager setting up his stall at the 'Rainbow Mod Alldayer' on Saturday 1st of August 1981. Just look at all those unsold copies of the single!


Steve Andrews

Bob Parker

The above photo was taken at the 'Rainbow Mod Alldayer' on Saturday 1st of August 1981.


The above photo was taken from the balcony at the 'Rainbow Mod Alldayer' on Saturday 1st of August 1981.


George "Porky" Peckham & Martyn Smith at the cutting of the record July '81


Goff, the manager & our ever faithful multi-tasking Roadie Ron Johnson. Roadie, sound engineer, driver, bouncer etc.


Live in 1981


Live in 1981


Gary Lucas the engineer at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge (who engineered the single)


'Bob Parker' drumming under Backdrop Nr. 2 that was produced by Koot our brilliant designer / artist            



                    Steve Andrews With Rickenbacker                      (How Many Frets Steve?)



The "clean shaven" Retreads


The above early rehearsal video was recorded in the small disused chapel that we used as a rehearsal room in Wilby just outside Wellingborough (the same place that the picture from the balcony comes from in the first newspaper review).This must be a very early rehearsal as it features Kevin Jacobs on drums and he was only with us for the first few months before being replaced by Bob Parker. The songs featured are "Doo Wah Diddy" by Manfred Man and "The Rise and Fall of Flingel Blunt" by The Shadows. Thanks go to Janet Davies who made the movie and was kind enough to supply it to us for the first time nearly 30 years later! Better late than never eh Janet!


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