The Sleepers





Angel In A Raincoat / Endless / A Murder / TWBI

Catalogue Number - FMR 034 (S/80/CUS 874)

Label - BAT Records

Year Of Release - 1980

Quantity Pressed - 500


John Lofthouse - Bass Guitar Carl Robinson - Lead Guitar
Barry Morrice - Lead Vocals Graham Lowe - Drums


A superb 4-track Power-pop release from this Grimsby based band. Sadly it was the bands only vinyl outing. No sleeve picture sleeve was ever issued.

The bands claim to fame was supporting The Skids at Cleethorpes Winter Gardens, The Business and Classics Nouveau at Grimsby Central Hall.

Barry Morrice Lead Vocals Carl Robinson Lead Guitar Graham Lowe Drums John Lofthouse Bass Guitar 


In 1981 / 1982 and Power-pop was on the way out, the band changed direction and went more New Romantic / Electronic.



With this new direction, the band went onto record "Play In The Dark", "Rank & Number", "Targets Of Production", "Terminal", "We Came To Dance" & " They're Heroes Now".


Can anyone add anything else?


Thanks to Graham Lowe for emailing in.



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