Haydn Rydings - Vocals Dave Moore - Guitar
Graham Briggs - Guitar Dave Charlesworth - Bass
Mark Barber - Drums


Above is an original A5 gig flyer from 'Rafters', Manchester for 'the Saints' & 'Snyde' from Saturday 25th March 1978


Formed in Manchester in 1977, the band played support to The Boomtown Rats, The Adverts, Warsaw (Later to become Joy Division)  999, The Saints, Cherry Vanilla and The British Lions. Were booked to support The Sex Pistols at The Champness Hall in Rochdale until Cyril Smith MP prevented the gig from going ahead.  Discography, one demo tape recorded at Smile studios, a couple of radio and TV appearances before the band split in late 1978 and various members later became Two-Tone-Pinks.



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