The Surge


Dok - Guitar & Vocals Paul Mercieca - Organ & Vocals
Dave Brennan - Bass & Vocals Phil Mercieca - Drums


The S-urge (sex urge?) were the Manchester version of Car Crash with the same line up, Dok Guitar & Vocalss, Phil Mercieca Drums, Paul Mercieca Organ, Guitar & Vocals and Dave Brennan Bass & Vocals. Only a few songs were the same, Car Crash were more musical. I've made some mp3s that I can't send using this email cos they're too big.

April 2008


Above is an original 21cm x 30cm gig flyer from Saturday 8th July 1978.


After the demise of "The Surge", Phil the drummer teamed up with Dok from "Defiant" and formed "Car Crash".






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