Mac - Vocals Steve Wheeldon (aka Potty) - Guitar
Steve Brain - Drums Eamon Madden - Bass


Not to be confused with the London band with the same name who released the 4-Track EP on the 'Disturbing' label in 1979, this band were from Castle Vale, Birmingham and formed in 1979, with Mac – Vocals, Eamon Madden – Bass, Colin ‘Tigger’ Teager – Guitar and Steve Brain – Drums. Tigger left the group in 1980 to be replaced by Steve Wheeldon.


This line up was in existence from 1980 to 1982 but sadly never released anything officially. The group did record live demos at the 'Rich Bitch' studio in Birmingham in two separate sessions.

The tracks were:

Public Enemy Number 1

Stick Together


Urban Padded Cell


One foot in the grave

Cryin’ out loud


Mass despondency

Suicide Train

Dreg of Society

War’s just another silly game

Spoils of war

Waiting for my man

Bright side of life


The band played regularly around the Midlands supporting the bands that were around at the time including 'The Varukers' and the like... Their regular haunt was the 'Cedar Club' in Birmingham, which they played supporting the Varukers on the night of the Birmingham Handsworth Riots in 1981. The group spilt in 1982.


After stints in other local outfits and inspired by bands such as the Cult and New Model Army, the group reformed in 1985 with Neal ‘Taffy’ Cole on guitar. They recorded another demo that included some reggae influenced numbers as well as up-tempo punk songs. The group continued to perform around the Midlands until finally calling it a day in 1986.


Dregs MkII – somewhere in Brum c1985



Thanks to 'Steve Brain' for the above information and photos.



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