The Vendettas





Simon Parker - Vocals Grev Williams - Guitar
Tim 'Vulch' Chapple - Bass Kim Sharp - Drums*

* Replaced by Terry Tempest


Obscure UK Punk band who claim to be the first punk band to form in Cornwal. They were active between 1977 - 1978.

'In this time they ventured into Sentinel Studios', Newlyn, Cornwall and recorded four tracks which were scheduled to be released as the bands debut EP. Sadly this never happened, the tracks recorded were 'I Bin There', 'Inside Looking Out', 'Such A Pity' and 'Red Lambretta'.

The band played around West Cornwall, in particular Gulval Mead, Penzance Winter Gardens, as well as festivals.

Other punk or punk-influenced bands doing the rounds at the same time or just after included 'An Alarm', 'Bride's Mother Iced Cake', 'Furry Vermin' & 'Septic And The Sceptics'.

Tim Chapple also remembers the band....

A gifted guitarist, Grev Williams went on to form "Johnny and the Moonlighters", a very successful rock & roll trio fronted by Johnno Peake, and then joined up with Tim Chapple again as part of "The Any Excuse Soul Stars". He currently plays an active part in the Cornish folk music scene.

Tim Chapple went on to form "The Rage" with ex Brainiac 5 singer Bert Biscoe, and then joined "Zambula" a very successful Afro Rock Band, featuring the much missed Tito on vocals. Later bands included "Brides Mother", "Mississippi Burning", "Any Excuse Soul Stars" and the instrumental "SGT Project" (with Ged Kingsford on drums, and Shane Bailey on guitar).

Tim currently plays bass with the Blues Power Trio "Devils Creek" (With Guy Rosewall on guitar and vocals, and Alan Ibbotson on Drums), who have released several albums to date, and gig regularly across the County -- more info at


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The above information was taken from youtube that was put together by Simon Parker



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