1979 - 1980


Keith Ward - Lead Vocals Ian Chaplin - Effects Guitarist
Robbie Romp - Bass Guitar Mark Cook - Lead Guitarist
Steve Phypers - Drums


We cut two demos, the first in December 1979 at 'Blackwing Studios', Southwark. This session was engineered by 'Eric Radcliffe', who was later associated with 'Yazoo', in 1982 ('Upstairs At Erics') and 'The Assembly' in 1983, having a top ten hit with 'Never Never' on Mute Records - which I'm sure everyone will remember was with 'The Undertones' very own 'Feargal Sharkey' on vocals and synth wizard 'Vince Clarke'.

"The Action" came fourth in the Melody Maker Rock 80 - Battle of the Bands competition!!! (June 1980) we received a £300 cheque from 'Annie Lennox' who was one of the esteemed judges of the final. We invested this money in to the next demo recording at 'Gateway Studios' in July 1980.

The outcome of said demos was an offer of management and a small indie record deal, that didn't come together before we split up.

Steve Phypers
Nov 2004



Above is an original 2-Track Demo Tape which was sent into the "Bridge House", Canning Town
to try and secure a gig there in 1979.
Above is an original gig advert for 'The State' & 'The Action' from the "Greyhound", Fulham, London that took place on Wednesday 23rd April 1980.




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