Hitchin, Hertfordshire




Chloroform / You've Got Nothing

Catalogue Number - THF002

Label - Tramp Records

Year Of Release - 1978

Quantity Pressed - 1000?


Original Line Up Who Recorded The Debut Single

Frankenstein - Vocals Phnuff - Guitar
Jimmy Jesus - Bass Nuke - Drums


The above gig took place on Saturday 4th February 1978


The above "Bleach Boys" gig with "Slaughter & The Dogs" for the "Nashville" is from Friday 12th May 1978.


Punks best kept secret

Formed towards the end of 1976, the Bleach Boys were the first punk band to exist in
the North Herts area. Their first gig under the name “The Fur Coughs”, took place some
months later and was a support spot to "Ultravox" at the local college, a gig marked by
chaos and an awful lot of alcohol. Their line up at the time was “Frankenstein”
(Vocals), “Jimmy Jesus” (Bass), “Nuke” (Drums) and “Phnuff” (Guitar). In addition to
those on stage the band had two non playing members – “Rocket” & “Max Profit” The band
continued to play both local and London gigs, in 1978 were approached by local grave
digger Terry Friend with a view to releasing a single: Chloroform came out some months
later on Terry’s Tramp label.
The band made it’s first line up change shortly afterwards when the non
playing “Rocket” became the playing “Rocket” and the Bleach Boys briefly became a two
guitar band. They continued to play gigs however it became clear that differences
existed between the members and this resulted in “Jimmy Jesus” leaving and “Phnuff”
who originally joined as a bassist abandoning his 6 string for a 4 string. At some
stage, they then recorded their second single “Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches”
on their own Zombie International label. This 12” single owed nothing to subtlety, the
title being the result of a bet between the owner of a rehearsal studio and the band.
The band continued to play gigs however it was getting increasingly difficult to book
time from the by now professional musician “Nuke” on drums and as a result, the band
went through a period without a regular drummer. At some stage during this period,
they released a 4 track cassette tape entitled “Children of Wallyworld Go Wild For
The band were then approached by a local studio owner called Andy Davis with a view to
recording a CD. In one very long session, and reunited with the original “Nuke”,
the “4 Cyclists of the Apocalypse” was knocked out and issued jointly on Zombie
International and Damage. Produced by Andy, this CD sold out rapidly and on the few
times it has been available on Ebay went for in excess of £250. If you get a chance to
hear it, do so. It is serious “Punk” not the “Punk Rock” which had become the vogue.
The band continued to play gigs with a number of stand in drummers and somewhere in
the mid 1990’s, again with the original “Nuke”, went into a studio in Bedfordshire and
recorded the Bicycle Song/Weirdo and released it as a 7 inch single in a plain white
bag. Soon after this, a drummer living in Welwyn Garden City came along for an blast
and in “Nuke(2) the band once again had a permanent drummer. With the regular drummer,
the band suddenly found what they had been missing and began to play better than ever.
In 2002, they went into a studio in Welwyn and recorded “Taking the O out of Country”,
a 5 track CD of all new songs.
In 2005, the band released a limited edition CD entitled “Brain Plugin’s Spaghetti”
featuring songs from their whole period together. Released through Fragile Records
of Berlin, the CD contains about 16 tracks and a short video of the band
performing “Nuclear War”
And that is the story so far. The band apparently has enough new songs to fill another
CD and at some stage will get their act together and record them. Check out their

Recording History

Chloroform/You’ve got nothing 7" (Tramp Records)

Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches 12" (Zombie International)

Children of Wallyworld go Wild for Kicks TAPE (Zombie International)

4 Cyclists of the Apocalypse CD (Zombie International / Damage)

Bicycle Song/Weirdo 7" (Zombie International)

Taking the O out of Country CD (Zombie International)

Brain Plugin’s Spaghetti CD (Fragile Records)


The above article appeared in the Record Collector magazine in 2015



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