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Colin Guitar Jamzy Bass Johnny Vocals Brian Drums


"The Kunts" only ever played one gig! due to the fact that no one would book us. (We could never understand why?). Then Colin, the lead Guitarist left for reasons unknown. We got another guitarist and then decided to change the name to the Fakes.

March 2005




Thought I would contact you to correct some info on your band index. RE: The Cunts. (it was Kuntz, we didn't have a name for our first gig and "Brian" who was the DRUMMER used black tape to put the name on the front of his bass drum just to wind up the security guys and the local students as the gig was at Stirling University... but that's not the reason I'm writing!) 
The reason is this: it was the GUITARIST "Colin" that left.
He was the manager of a local record shop when he played with us and left to become the manager of an independent  record warehouse in Edinburgh.
Colin (the guitarist) is on the left of the photograph and Brian (the drummer) is on the right.
I don't know why Jamzy (Mr Egg) thinks either (a) Colin's name is Brian or (b) Brian the drummer left the band.
Maybe too much Acid House/Techno/Rave type thingy. Or Bizzare Disco as Mr Egg called it long before it had a name.
(There, I feel a lot better now!)
A brilliant site by the way, great to see so many bands that were around then and had "a go". Other good Scottish bands of the time were: The Freeze (I think they were from Linlithgow) The Prats ( I can't remember where from, they were really young and still at school) The Scars (Edinburgh- fuckin' awesome! What a great sound they had.
Rab/Robert/Bobby King had a brilliant voice and an amazing stage persona. Easily the best thing to come out of Scotland since SAHB-in my opinion. It's a pity they didn't do more.
That's enough of my ranting on about "when I was young all this was fields and we only had turnips to eat".
Keep up the good work.
Johnny ( The Kuntz/The Cunts/The Fakes)  
September 2008


Night of the first gig at "Stirling University"


Hi Again
I'm sure I have a couple of The Kuntz second gig, even if Jamzy said we only played one gig.
It was in a hotel in 'Bridge of Allan' (posh). It was the usual Kuntz type of gig (even if it was just the second).
At our first gig at Stirling University we nearly didn't get in as the bouncers / security didn't like us, (especially me for some reason) cos we were "Punks" and they were "Hippies" (but fuckin' hard Hippies that would kick the shit out of you! They were mates with the Blue Angels MC and used to get the "Blues" to help with "big gigs" Frankie Miller, John Martyn, Pink Floyd, Queen and the fuckin' likes ). We managed to goad the students into throwing beer cans at us and started to throw them back (great fun).

Colin was so pissed when we went on he was on his knees and playing the last number halfway through the set! Ha! Ha! I was telling them that they "needed a good haircut and two years in the army to sort them out" I also suggested that they should "stop smokin' dope and going on about peace and love and ban the bomb and get a fuckin' job",( they didn't seem to see the funny side of it!).

At the second gig in the hotel the manager/owner and his (big) son asked us to turn the sound down (aye right!) after some "lively discussions" he turned the power off, so we turned it back on and played on (until the police arrived and stopped us) amid lots of drunken Pogoing, shouting and a couple of smashed glasses (accidents).

We got banned from the hotel for life (oh no). I think we went to a party after it at a friends' (Susan, her mother was brilliant)  and got even more pissed.

"In my day we made our own fun we didn't need computer games and Shite Factor"


Johnny ( The Kuntz/The Cunts/The Fakes)  
11th September 2008





Thanks to Johnny & Jamzy




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