The Drive


Kris Zajaczkowski - Vocals Steve Aleksic - Guitar
Ian Bairstow - Bass Tony Bridle - Drums


Around early 1977 when the punk revolution was raging a bunch of Bradford lads walked into The Manville Arms, a student pub frequented by a strange mix of hippies, pensioners, punk rockers and scholars.
Kris Zajaczkowski was serving behind the bar. A long-time fan of The Who he'd become disillusioned with the 'plastic-punk' scene after working for the Sex Pistols on their last UK gig at Ivanhoes in Huddersfield. There he'd witnessed the poverty of the authentic 'Victorian' street urchins and then the rapid change to to bondage-trousered mohican-topped poseurs.
He found the mods of the sixties more interesting; the sharp, high energy Jack-the Lads.

The six young men at the bar had also found their way (through books!) to the sixties music and fashion and together they scoured the record stores and charity shops for mod clothes and music.
Kris, a singer, teamed up with a previous band member and guitarist Steve Aleksic, Tony Bridle on drums and Ian Bairstow on bass and they began writing songs and rehearsing. This became The Drive.
Playing venues such as The Chicago Express, The Royal Standard, Queens Hall, and the ill-fated Rock Against Racism outdoor festival the band soon had a following of 'new' mods. Rivalry grew between The Drive and Bradford's leading punk band The Negatives, both part of the same line-up of acts at a few gigs.

A second mod band formed from the original 'Manville crowd' and The Scene took off. This band quickly grew in popularity and after watching them perform at The Royal Standard, Kris and guitarist Steve argued over the band's direction and a street fight ensued. It was January 1979 and the band quit. Their most popular song was 'Trapped in the Capital', a song ironically dedicated to the London punk scene.










The above set of photographs were taken at 'The Royal Standard', Bradford in January 1979.

The above article appeared in Bradford fanzine "Wool City Rocker" #3 from February 1980.





Kris Zajaczkowski
September 2012



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