Wimbledon / London




The System / On My Own

Catalogue Number - SJP 797

Label - Clubland Records

Year Of Release - 1979

Quantity Pressed - 500


From Top to Bottom

Tony Hands-Heart - Drums

Gary Weaving - Vocals

Olly Curtis - Bass

Graham Simmonds - Guitar

Ruth Bonnet - Backing Vocals

Corinna Morawicz - Backing Vocals

David Brown - Rhythm Guitar
(Not in photo)

From left to right:
 'Ruth Bonnet', 'Olly Curtis', 'Graham Simmonds', 'Tony Hands-Heart',
'Jamie' (our roadie, in the background), 'Corinna Morawicz' & 'Gary Weaving'.


'The Dunneau' were a 5 piece New Wave band who had two girl backing singers.

Olly and Graham went to Kings College School in Wimbledon, London

The contest in which we were runners up in 1978/79 was in fact the 'Melody Maker Rock & Folk Contest'. If my memory serves me correctly (probably not) a band called 'Splodgenessabounds' won the EMI 3 single prize, but their only memorable song was ' "Three pints of lager and a packet of crisps please"

The Dunneau's great claim to fame was the shutting down of the Wallington Town Hall for the second time in history (The Who did it the first time) when we caused a riot because we wouldn't play "Anarchy in the UK," having explained that we were NOT a cover band. Some bright spark taped the gig, and when Corinna and I grabbed sundry guitars and locked ourselves in the bathrooms, the tape kept rolling, resulting in the hilarious sound of the mics being used as weapons.

Those were the days.....



The above live shots were taken at the "Ebbisham Hall", Epsom on Saturday 27th May 1978. Sadly this venue is no more! It is now the Ashley Centre shopping mall - WH SMITH to be precise!

We drew the biggest crowd for about 10 years, about 300 people and it was the takings on the door that financed our single.

Thanks for the memory jolt!

Ruth Bonnet & Gary Weaving


Thanks also goes out to "Gary Weaving" for some of the photos and the original Newspaper cutting.




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