Worthing, West Sussex


Mark Thursfield - Vocals & Bass Bruce Maxwell-Smith - Guitar & Vocals
Paul Denny - Drums


Mark Thursfield Paul Denny Bruce Maxwell-Smith


A short lived Punk band who recorded three great tracks in 1978 for a possible single which never happened.

"Pretty Face"

"Love With You"

"I Want You"

The Egos came together in 1978, in the previously sleepy town of Worthing on the south coast of England. The anger of punk was fast receding, but there was a new energy and edge to music. The Egos were a classic three-piece with Bruce Maxwell-Smith (guitar/vocals), Mark Thursfield (bass / vocals) and Paul Denny (drums). They produced an exciting and original blend of powerful, tight, sparky, cool contemporary pop, with a harder, darker edge. The Egos played many gigs in their short history, including some pub gigs in Brighton. ( Mark and Bruce went on to form another well known Brighton Band called This Colour)


The tracks were produced by Roger Tebutt at the now defunct but legendary Pebble Beach studios in Worthing. As a live band they were razor sharp and whiplash tight.


Mark Thursfield Bruce Maxwell-Smith



Thanks to Bruce Maxwell-Smith



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