Your I's Are Too Close Together / That's My Baby

Catalogue Number - KOA 401 (EJSP 9420)

Label - Koala Records

Year Of Release - 1980

Quantity Pressed - 1000


The Unreleased Acetates



Tom Feeney - Vocals Pete Sargent - Guitar
Glen Snarey - Bass Tony Hill - Drums


'The Elevators' started off life as 'The Stains' but decided to change their name some when in 1978.


The Facts

This band's tapes have done the obligatory circuit of ever-changing Record Companies A&R magnates' stagnating shelves, and the man carrying them round has been out and about town wearing his soles thin and having to go through the motions to yet another new face in departments visited weeks ago.

It's the same old story. It happened to the biggest and best of our great Pop stars ages ago and still happens today. It takes the occasional "Do-it-yourself" job to give the dozy industry a well deserved boot at the rear end, as "Two-Tone" have proved most recently.

The Elevators

'The Elevators' have been promised visits by the young executives from Record Companies. They never materialised. It took a "Koala" producer to discover them at a gig before they made it onto wax.

The Band

'The Elevators' aren't "ex" anybody. They are a new band who come from Leicester - the heart of the Midlands now looking to make it's mark in Pop, following "Family" and "Showaddywaddy". They've been together eighteen months and have gigged around the country in the usual exotic places reserved for new bands, such as Pubs and Clubs, including a support spot with 'Steel Pulse' on a recent UK tour'.

The Sound

'The Elevators' music is straight-forward, unpretentious Pop. Three minute songs with Eighties sound of the Sixties. The Sound that's in right now!

The Record

"Your I's Are Too Close Together" (Written by 'Pete Sargent')
C/w "That's My Baby" (Written by 'Tom Feeney' / 'Pete Sargent')

The 'A' side has an intriguing and confusing title. It's not about being cross-eyed, but about a girl who really fancies herself.

Maybe you know of some....

(The above has been taken from an original press release for the bands debut release
 and was written by "George Kwiatkiewicz")

Recorded Original Tracks

The band were quite active in the studio over the four years that they were together, and they laid down the following tracks.


Mortuary Guy
So It Goes
Making Love To Graham
That's My Baby
Lou The Undertaker
Know What I mean


The Elevator Song
You're So New York
Another Dumb Broad
"A" Sides, "B" Sides          
Looking Back To '65


Your I's Are Too Close Together
What's Your Name, What's Your Number
Music To Dance To


Stop The Party

Over the four years that the band were together, they played many gigs. The first one was on 9th February 1978.  In August 1979, the band appeared in one of the leading Music Papers "Sounds" (see below). This was quite an a achievement for a fairly unknown band! The first single was intended to be the controversial track "Making Love To Graham". This was shelved due to the fact that the lead singer was male and the band thought that it wouldn't pick up any airplay so they decided to opt for "Your I's Are Too Close Together" which was recorded at the 'Fairview' Studio, Hull in March 1980. It was released in July 1980 and picked up instant airplay on 'Radio One' by 'John Peel' and 'Andy Peebles'.

Above is an early 'Walker Print' promo photograph of 'The Stains' before changing
their name to 'The Elevators', circa 1977

Above is an original 8" x 10" Promo Photograph that was produced to promote the single.


Above is an original press release for the debut single.

Above is an original gig poster from 1980



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