Thinking That I Shouldn't / Thru' With You / Hey Girl

Catalogue Number - BFD 2

Label - BFD Records

Year Of Release - 1980

Quantity Pressed - 1000????


Oscar Viess (aka Ozzy)  - Vocals & Saxophone Keith R. Garlick - Keyboard & Guitar
Aris Trezins - Bass Rick Bettley - Lead Guitar
John Lee (aka Leo) - Drums


Above is a fully autographed label.

In our final year, Roadie/lights and special effects man Robert Jones (Raggy) played guitar as well. He was far better than me. Tosca(can't remember his real name) took on Raggy's off stage role.

Area we played in "between Manchester and Leeds"

Took the "punk" influence on board, but were never punks as such. We all had good jobs, and wide musical influences. Leo and Aris for example, played with a Latvian folk music band as well.

BFD records were run by another Latvian heritage friend of ours, the other band they had were Halifax based Shaddowfax.

Recorded twice at Cargo Studios in Rochdale, John Peel said "not a bad little record that" about our record, and said he would pass it on to Peter Powell. A handful of plays on Piccadilly I am told, and a fan of hours said a DJ in Nottingham had picked up on the B side Hey Girl, and played it a lot. The second recording was for a Manchester Musicians Collective LP, organised by Morrissey. That fell through when Aris told Morrisey  to Fuck Off. That is our claim to fame.

Sadly both Oscar & John have both passed away.

Above is an original A5 Gig Flyer from the 'The Lamplighter Club', Rochdale that advertises 'The New Accident On The East Lancs' & 'The Fence' on Tuesday 11th November 1980.


Thanks to Keith Garlick



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