Gordon Sharpe - Vocals David Clancy - Guitar
Keith Grant - Bass Graham Radin - Drums




Celebration / Crossover

Catalogue Number - A.1.1.S.1

Label - A.1. Records Ltd

Year Of Release - 1980

Quantity Pressed - ????


The above snippet appeared in the fanzine "The Next Big Thing" #4 from October 1977.


The above gig review for the "Glasgow Art School" was from when the band were supporting 'The Jolt' and was from November 1978 appeared in the Glasgow fanzine "Plain Sailing" #7.


The above snippet appeared in Aberdeen "Granite City" #4 fanzine December 1978.


The above "Celebration" single review appeared in "Sounds" on 26th April 1980.


The above two page article appeared in the Scottish fanzine "Kingdom Come" #15 from March 1979.


Above is an original Gig Flyer for May 1980.



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