Matt Vinyl & The Decorators



Mathew Black (aka Matt Vinyl) - Vocals Dave Christie - Guitar
Joe Telford - Bass ???? - Drums


Short lived Scottish Punk combo who formed in Edinburgh in 1977. Sadly they only managed to record one track "Useless Tasks" that came out as a flexi which was released on the same label as the 'Cuban Heels' debut release "Housewife's Choice".

Their real claim to fame was playing the famous "Roxy Club" on Sunday 26th February 1978 along with 'Muvvers Pride', 'The Plague', 'The Public' & 'French Lessons'.

Their set included such gems as 'Love, Forgiveness and Deception', 'Sex & Violence' & ' Working For The JCP'.


The above A5 Gig flyer is for 'The Lurkers', 'The Jolt' & 'Matt Vinyl & The Decorators' when they played 'Tiffany's', Edinburgh on Monday 1st August 1977.


The above article appeared in the Edinburgh based fanzine "Hanging Around" #5 from September 1977.



The above A5 Gig flyer is for 'The Dammed', 'The Dead Boys' & 'Matt Vinyl & The Decorators' when they played 'Clouds', Edinburgh on Friday 9th December 1977.


The above snippet appeared in the Glasgow based fanzine "A Boring Fanzine" #3 from December 1977.


Some time in 1979, they would split and re-surface as 'Insect Bites'.


Mathew Black (aka Matt Vinyl) - Vocals Colin Bendall - Guitar
Joe Telford - Bass Mike Baillie - Drums


After the demise of 'Insect Bites', Matt Black would team up with ex 'Valves guitarist 'Ronnie Mackinnon, ex 'Scars' stix man 'Callum Mackay' on drums, along with Gary McCormack who went on to be in 'The Exploited' to form "Fun City".

In the original band of "Matt Vinyl & the Decorators', they had a track called "Sex & Violence", was this the early version of 'The Exploited' track of the same name?

Mike Baillie would later end up in 'The Skids'.





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