Guy Greenhough - Vocals Robert Crusti - Guitar
  Andy Wright - Farfisa Organ  Jeff Jansen - Bass
 ???? - Drums



Gallery Of Dolls / Life In The Subterrain

Catalogue Number - MT-01

Label - Mouth Records

Year Of Release - 1979

Quantity Pressed : 200 Copies

(One Sided Single)


London-based punk band featuring 'Guy Greenhough' and 'Jeff Jansen' (both ex- VACANTS) plus Aussies Robert Crusti (guitar) and Andy Wright (farfisa Organ) with this ultra rare single that had no pcture sleeve which was recorded at Grannys Studio in South London and mastered at RCA.

Guy Greenhough in his own words: ''can't remember the drummer's name, we had a spinal tap type thing with VACANTS as well. There was another song recorded at the session called 'Cruisin Soho' which is more like an extended jam''. 200 copies of 'Gallery Of Dolls / Life In The Subterrain' were made and exclusively sold via Geoff Travis' 'Rough Trade' shop; comes with blank white, but rubber-stamped labels. Eventually the Aussies returned to Australia, Jeff Jansen went incognito and Guy Greenhough resurfaced in GREENHOUSE OF TERROR who released one 12'' ('Compulsion') on the Racket label in 1985


Thanks  to Bernd Granz



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