The Outsiders




"One To Infinity" EP

One To Infinity / New Uniform / Consequences / Freeway

Catalogue Number - RER 002

Label - Raw Edge Records

Year Of Release - 1977

Quantity Pressed - 2000


The above Gig date is for Tuesday 16th August 1977 at the 'Vortex', London, W1. for 'The Adverts', 'Steel Pulse', 'Masterswitch' & 'The Outsiders'.


Above is an original A5 Flyer from the 'Vortex', London that advertises Monday 5th September 1977 with 'Siouxsie & The Banshees', 'The Outsiders', 'The Verdicts' & 'The Suspects'. Tuesday 6th September with 'Wayne County & The Electric Chairs', 'The Killjoys', 'Local Operator' & 'The Ignerents'.


Above is an original gig flyer for the 'Rainbow' from Friday 21st October 1977 for "The Outsiders", The Suspects", "The Meat" & "Youthenasia".


Above is an original gig flyer for the 'Roxy Club' from Thursday 17th November 1977 for "The Outsiders" & "The Goats".


Above is an original gig flyer from the Roxy Club and is advertising 'The Outsiders', 'The Goats' & 'The Automatics' for Thursday 17th November 1977


The above gig review for the "Speakeasy", London appeared in the London based fanzine "Vortex" #1 from October 1977.





The above two page article appeared in "Safe As Milk" #2 fanzine from 1979.


The above review appeared in "Safe As Milk" #2 fanzine from 1979.


Above is an original 12 Track Demo tape that the band recorded just before they split in 1979. As far as we can tell, none of these tracks would be released under 'The Outsiders' but a few of them would be re-recorded by the later band 'The Sound'. This actual tape was sent into the "Bridge House" in Canning Town, London by their manager 'Geoff Cummant-Wood'.




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