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All copies came with a silk screened open-out three panel sleeve.

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In Love / Wimpy Bar Song

Catalogue Number - P2615

Label - Psycho

Year Of Release - 1979

Quantity Pressed - 500


Re-Issue of First Release

In Love / Wimpy Bar Song

Catalogue Number - EV 1

Label - Evolution

Year Of Release - 1979

Quantity Pressed - 2000



Second Release



Out With Me All Night / Er? / I Don't Want To Be Like Jimmy

Catalogue Number - EV 4

Label - Evolution

Year Of Release - 1980

Quantity Pressed - ????

Gareth Martin - Rhythm Guitar / Vocals

Marcus Jeffries - Guitar / Vocals

Graham Robinson - Bass

Greg Horton - Drums

Brilliant early UK Punk band that hailed from South London. There claim to fame is that they played the legendary "Roxy" Club more times than any other band. They formed in 1976 and recorded three very early demos "On The Dole", "Again & Again" and "Nightmares". These tracks were very basic and quite rocky and featured "Gareth" on vocals. Then in 1977, "Marcus" took up vocals and they started gigging up and down the country and building up a following. In 1979 the band released their debut singe "In Love" on the 'Psycho' label. Only 500 copies were pressed and it quickly sold out. So the band decided to give it a repressing, this time switching it to the 'Evolution' label, pressing it on pink vinyl and giving it a open-out six panel sleeve. This time the sleeve wasn't silk screen printed and was slightly different.

Then in 1980, the band released their second single "Out With Me All Night". For reasons unknown, this single has become very scarce and hard to track down. For many years it was thought to have been withdrawn. The band has denied where are all the copies?

Sadly, in 1981 "Gareth" called it a day so the band brought in a female vocalist and recorded three new tracks. By then, it was felt that the heart of the band had been ripped out so they called it a day.......

Watch out for their release coming soon on the "Bin Liner Label" where you can hear all these long lost recordings, including the very first three demos which have been restored and the very last track that the band recorded with the female vocalist!


The Photo Album

Gig Flyers
Check out the bands new Retrospective release that features both of their singles and loads of unreleased tracks.




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