James Sutherland - Vocals Robin Murray - Guitar
Colin Matheson - Guitar Raymond Henderson - Bass
Tich Bremner - Drums



Hi, Just a wee note on the Radio City Album. Its always stated that the band were "Punky" style, This was never the case Radio City were a New Wave band. The reason I know this and can offer the correct description of the bands style is that the lead singer and co writer of the songs James Sutherland is my brother. I still remember the nights we spent with a pritt stick and scalpel making the 500 cover sleeves for the single in 1977. I hope this is of some help to you. James now lives in Cambodia and unfortunately Raymond Henderson ( the co writer of the songs ) died some years ago. James does come home twice a year and is amazed that after 30 years Radio City has made it big.


Darrin Sutherland


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