First Single



T.V. Movie / American Heart Beat

Catalogue Number - SMP 088

Label - MPA Records

Year Of Release - 1979

Quantity Pressed - 1000


Second Single



The Time Is Right For Us / My Karma

Catalogue Number - CULT 001

Label - Cult Records

Year Of Release - 1980

Quantity Pressed - 1000

  Pete Daulby - Lead Vocals Dave Daulby - Guitar / Vocals
Terry Podmore - Bass / Vocals Paul Kearslake - Drums

     Joanne Whalley - Backing vocals



1978 - 1980


Their Story


The SlowGuns journey took them from the backstreets of Stockport and back again in two short, yet eventful years.  A strong local following followed them everywhere, often against their better judgement. In 1979 the band recorded and released their now collectible first single ‘TV Movie’ b/w ‘American Heartbeat’. The single received lots of airplay, including Radio 1 (John Peel) and had high praise in the national music press. The band played many gigs, accompanied on backing vocals by ‘The Bullettes’, two young ladies who answered an ad placed by the band in the NME. One of these birds soon flew the coop, but the other remained, and this bird’s name was Joanne Whalley. ‘Jo’ sang backing vocals on many SlowGuns songs, including taking lead vocals during gigs on a song written specially for her by the band, “He’s My Man”. She eventually left in 1980, confirming, as they suspected, her thespian tendencies, eventually achieving worldwide fame by appearing in ‘The Singing Detective’ on TV and the hit movie ‘Scandal’. She met her future husband (and future Batman/Jim Morrison actor) Val Kilmer on the set of their film ‘Willow’. When she left the band, Terry told her she’d never work in Stockport again, and he was right - to this day she never has.

Drum & Drummer  

SlowGuns released their second single ‘The Time Is Right For Us’ b/w ‘My
 Karma’ in 1980 on their own ‘Cult 45’ label.  But unfortunately, by the time of the
single’s release the band had already began to implode, blaming arguments
caused by the taking on of too many tasks themselves i.e. managing, promoting,
booking gigs, writing, rehearsing, recording, the hiring and firing of drummers,
and who’s turn it was to get the beer in. 

         Future Renaissance         

SlowGuns vinyl singles have since proved highly collectible amongst post-punk
aficionados from Manchester to Tokyo.
 The original 1,000 copies of ‘TV Movie’ have all been sold, and the limited edition five track
 CD (now available from Detour) has also been a success. The band’s nucleus are still very
 much in touch, and discussions are currently underway for further CD releases.

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Terry Podmore Bass David Daulby Guitar Paul Kearslake Drums Peter Daulby Vocals





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The Discography    

 Single: TV Movie / American Heartbeat (MPA - SMP088) 1979


 Single: The Time Is Right For Us (Cult 45 - Cult 001) 1980


 CD compilations: CULT 002: SlowGuns - The Singles CD (Red Sleeve) 2001


CULT 002: SlowGuns - The Singles CD (Blue Sleeve) 1st Limited Edition of 100


CULT 003: Relics from a Bygone Age (Promo) CD 2001*


CULT 004: Funny Old World (Promo) CD 2003**


* Released under the name “Pea-Shooters”
** Released under the name “The Third Man"


Thanks to Pete, Terry & Paul


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