Crazy Today / Mister Fix-It

Catalogue Number - SP 002

Label - Crazy Plane

Year Of Release - 1980

Quantity Pressed - 1000


Above is an original news letter than the band put out themselves in 1980


The Beginning ….

 UXB are a Post Punk New Wave/Power Pop band from Cannock, England. Formed in 1978, their first gig was in February of that year as a trio …. The band comprised of:


Col Bennett – Guitar/Bass/Backing Vocals

Mark Read – Guitar/Backing Vocal

Mick Turner – Drums/Vocals


Influenced by such bands as The Jam and The Clash! UXB were also influenced by Ska/Dub Reggae, so the bands’ sound was perhaps most similar to the band “The Ruts”. The band’s live set inspired a juxtaposition of nihilistic punk inspired rockers and Reggae masterpieces!!!

Later in 1978 Tony Clamp arrived on bass but promptly left in early 1979. The same week Dom Roche arrived on vocals and Col Bennett switched to bass guitar. Immediately UXBs sound seemed to gel and tighten, with the result it attracted the attention of local DJ Little Winston …


Little Winston and Crazy Plane Records ….

Little Winston, local DJ and record label owner, offered UXB the chance to record a session at Ginger Recording Studio at Aldridge in the West Midlands. The outcome was the double “A side single “Crazy Today” c/w “Mr Fix-it” on the Crazy Plane record label (SP002). The record was produced by Little Winston/UXB and Phil Dawson was the engineer.

The single was invaluable in securing better gigs for the band and was also played on local West Midlands radio and by BBC Radio1s DJ John Peel, Peter Powell and Mike Read (no relation!!). A follow up single comprising of songs “2 Steps” “In the Queue” and “48 hours” was recorded and distributed on a “white label” acetate, to the usual DJs and radio stations and “2 Steps” was aired by John Peel. Due to a disagreement with the Crazy Plane label the single was tragically never released commercially. Also recorded on that day was the track that “Over the Wall”. This can be heard on the 'Bored Teenagers volume 2' compilation.

UXB then signed to Knot Management of Birmingham who were able to get the band some recording time with the legendary Dennis Bovell of the reggae band “Matumbi”. Dennis, a highly respected songwriter-musician and producer was impressed with the bands songs and three tracks were recorded at his 'Studio 80' recording studio in South London. The songs were 'Go!', 'Not Enough Time' & 'Imagination'. Unable to get a recording company to take these songs the band carried on gigging in the West Midlands. In “mid” 1981 Dom Roche left the band and was replaced by Pete Higton on vocals.


The End of a Chapter?

The band played their last gig in December 1981 at the Star Hotel in Shifnal, Salop. The band split up but continued to play … Dom Roche founded the band “Balaam & The Angel”. The nucleus of UXB Col Bennett and Mick Turner went on to form the band “Fire in Cairo” with Paul Brindley.


The above photo shows 'Dom Roche' & 'Colin Bennet' taking off at the
'Newman College', Birmingham on 17th of December 1980.







Above are two original gig flyers from Saturday 9th June 1979.


The above snippet appeared in "Sounds" on 4th October 1980.


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