The Void


First Line-Up
Martin Martin - Vocals  Jeff Davis - Guitar
 ??? - Guitar  Lynne - Bass
  Steve Davis - Drums


Second Line-Up
Jeff Davis - Guitar  ???? - Bass
 Steve Davis - Vocals & Drums


The "Lincoln" Void existed from 1978-1980, firstly as a five piece, sounding very much like The Fall with experimental vocalist Martin Martin and bass player Lynne. Then they slimmed to a three-piece "power-pop" band with drummer Steve Davis on vocals, his brother Jeff played guitar, I forget the new bass players name (sorry). Rose Ingleton joined this line-up on synthesizer in the latter stages of The Void but never played live with them. Rose played in ESP Disk-rd, information about which can be found on my site. In 1980 The Void became Survivors and were interviewed by Dave McCullough for a Sounds feature. I set up this interview myself, and got them a few gigs in Lincoln & Nottingham. In 1981 they all relocated to London to try and hit the big time. Last I heard 20 odd years ago was that Jeff & Steve were working in a hotel in Brighton.  They were a bloody good band!!

The Wildlife had a short life as a live venue, situated in the very rough area of Lincoln known as Birchwood. Pseudo Existors  and The Cigarettes played there a few times.

Hope this has been of some help.


The above gig took place at the "Wild Life", Lincoln on Monday 26th May 1980 and appeared "Record Mirror" on 24th May 1980


Cari Saluti.
Steve Cammack




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