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Emailed Received on Sunday 20th May 2012


I'm Tommy Maltby from Wrist Action and the Molesters also played for a short time with the Vandells and the Satellittes and I was featured on Brighton punk documentary a southern report and did some work on the Sex Pistols Rock and Roll Swindle or otherwise known as The Great Rock and Roll Swindle you were asking at Bored Teenagers web site whether I could be contacted well here i am. Do you know what's happened to Mark Passi and Dmitri Smith and Tony Payne as well as Dave Turvey? oh and Dave McDonald of course and it would be nice to see Stella Anscombe and Paul Hayward as well as John Ellis and so on of course what are they up to now without sounding as though I'm on a nostalgia trip....


Tom Maltby


Emailed Received on Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Hi  David

You said did Wrist Action enter any recordings yes they did, at ironically 'Krakatao Studios' in Withdean, Brighton in I think 1977, you'll have to ask the rest of the band for permission to publish the said recordings, the 1st track was entitled after the bands name "Wrist Action" I think that was a superior recording though you'll have to take my word for it, it was done on an 8 track recording studio in two or three takes I left a recording with a girl called Judy, someone I could trust and of course the manager Dave McDonald, who has the title track Wrist Action to the bands name the other two recordings were not much cop, but I remember Wrist Action the title track on the demo was good , oh by the way the documentary was quite star studded as they say it had Sid Vicious and John Rotten on it there was a punk queen called Jordan on it and also had Chas Chandler the former manager of The Depresions on it as well as a track from Richard hell and the Voidoids from I think New York as well as Wrist Action whose manager laid into the gangsters who ran the music industry at the time and of course there was the f word used on occasions. We were photographed by a freelancer from the "The Times" who I used to get on with he turned up when the filming was going on and did some snaps also in the movie was Viv Westwood from the boutique or shop "Sex". I think Viv's opinion was very worthwhile and had insight into the future of punk Chas Chandler also gave a good opinion, in the movie, but that was the movie I don't know if it won any any awards but it should have it could have gone to Cannes or Montreux I don't know. So recordings at Krakatoa Studios Withdean Brighton. Documentary also included Wrist Action and the Molesters as well as Viv, Sid, John, Chas Chandler the former Jimi Hendrix manager, and the Animals of course, and I guess you could try an archivist called Fred Tucker in Southampton at southern television Southampton, Hampshire, but I heard Fred retired. Regarding photographs there was an art student called Tony Roundhill who used to take photographs of us at almost at every concert and sometimes the tabloid cameramen would turn up. Once at Kings road where Wrist Action plugged into a fish and chip shop and played a live concert in or on the Kings road before the police turned up and dare I say saved our lives on one or two occasions thank-you police the real ones not the band; Adam Ant was in attendance there and so was Poly Styrene so lots of photographs oh yes a good photograph was taken by a Mr. Michael Burrows, from Radio Brighton at a Theatre in Hove it was a bit of a pose but I agreed to do it nonetheless, last time I spoke to Tony Roundhill was when he had a shop in Carnaby St. London 1980-81 please if you speak to these people can you send them my fondest regards as it's an interesting piece of British television art and photography, contact me if you need to know any more especially Mark Passi the former drummer in Wrist Action and Dmitri.

Tom Maltby



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