For me it was all about annoying people I didnít like.  Thatís a long list.  In í77, when I was 13 I formed a band with my brother called The Shitters, we rehearsed at home and our sole agenda was to piss off our neighbours who thought they were better than us.

  Frisky Pigs were formed in early `79 to continue this and to celebrate the things that amused us, such as the antics of a local lad who once accidentally set himself on fire at our local church.  Like just about everyone I know he later had a brief stint in the band.  Trev Chaytor and Mark Dobson, good friends from school joined early on.  Mark had tried to form a band of his own called Stenching Filth but I guess it was easier to join up with me at first.  It wasnít long before we all started to disagree about what we wanted from the bandÖand we went through 7 line-up changes in July `79 alone.  Mark left and formed a covers band called Decadence before moving on to No CoverI was envious of them making a single with the money from a win on the horses. Itís only in hindsight that I realise just how poor we all were back then.

The band went on, playing, badly, just about anywhere; parties, peoples houses, in fields, bus shelters, anywhere as long as we provoked reaction, preferably a disapproving oneÖI think they call them guerrilla gigs now.

John Smithson (who was later in the Happy Bars) and Stuart Williams joined up with Trev and me in `82.  It was our 20th different line-up.  Songs were written, instruments were bought and learned (well, to a point!) but the band ethos remained, annoy as many people as possible while remaining anonymous.  We did well.

Paddy & Trev circa 1980

John, Paddy, Stuart & Trev circa 1982


Thanks goes to 'Mike Teo' for finding the above band and a big thanks goes out to "Paddy Kimmitt" for providing the above information and pictures.





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