"The Drug"

The Drug / Elastic / All You Can Hear / Current Affairs

Catalogue Number - DS2X

Label - Dancing Sideways Records

Year Of Release - 1980




"Fear Of Rehearsals"

Falling / Electricity

Catalogue Number - DS4X

Label - Dancing Sideways Records

Year Of Release - 1981





'Self Control' were a London 3-Piece experimental / Post-Punk band that featured 'Dok' from 'Defiant'. The band was a 'concept' more than a group, set up in late 1977 by Mancunian Dermot O'Keeffe (Dok). With a fluid line-up (and for a time, a fluid name - Total Control, Lack Of Control etc), Self Control were different almost every time they played or rehearsed. They released an eponymous, and now very rare album in 1981. You can hear audio samples from the bands own my space page. The tracks are from a live performance at Islington's 'Hope & Anchor' which took place on 19th May 1979 where the line-up was 'Dok' on vocals and guitar and 'James Dutton' (now of Motion Records) on guitar, drum machine and backing vocals. They are joined on one song (on guitar) by 'Bernie Doyle' and by someone else who's name they can't remember. This was the third week of a one month residency supporting the ill-fated 'Local Operator' who, a month later, were supported at West Hampstead's 'Railway Hotel' by 'U2' playing their first (?) gig in the UK, the next week by the 'Cure' playing their first (?) gig in London. At these 'Hope & Anchor' performance 'Self Control' would begin by playing 20 minutes of taped BBC Light Orchestra music while people came in. Then the tape would be switched off and the drum machine switched on and left to play for 10 minutes. Happy days!!! A later version of this band went onto release the above single. Their record label site is being built at

The above text with some slight modifications was taken from 'Self Control's' home page.


The above snippet appeared in 'Sounds' on the 4th April 1981.


The above snippet appeared in the 'NME' on the 30th ,May 1981.



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