ADRENALIN recorded three tracks in the spring of 77 at 'Swan Street Studios', Torquay. All three tracks were written by Ian Roberts and originally intended for a single/EP release on Step Forward Records. Kim Turner (later to manage The Police) produced the session and the tracks recorded were...

1. TV Violence

2. No Love (In a Modern Society)

3. Don't Tell Your Parents

Unfortunately, the only copy that exists of the session is a cassette copy of the final mix. Band members have recently been trying to track down the original master and it could be in the possession of a local promoter.

ADRENALIN were, without a doubt, the first punk band to come out of the South Devon area. Possibly the first in the whole of the South West!  Even in 1975 (while some members were still at school) they were playing a curious mixture of Velvet Underground and Dr Feelgood numbers! The line up changed over the years (the mainstays being Ian Roberts and drummer Mike Farrow) but at the time of the recording was...


Ian Roberts - Vocals / Guitar Adrian Stephens - Bass / Backing Vocals
John Fuller - Guitar Mike Farrow - Drums

Kirk Brandon briefly replaced Adrian in the band but by the summer of 77, Ian Roberts moved to London, the others carried on as 'The Cane' with Kirk taking over vocal and song writing duties.


Ian Roberts


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